Thursday, December 23, 2010

Town Crier Party

Yes, even in pursuit of major local news, the Town Crier staff knows how to party!

Don can't seem to find the publisher.

But Juli knows how to have fun!!

Our photographer, Cid Castillo was too busy wooing Anne, to take these photos. All of them are courtesy of Marshall Smith.

And of course, Wayne and Lori fortunately joined the party too. Wow!

Sales knew stop, we found Grace with Shane and Wendy. Cheers!

An organization is only as strong as the public perceives. Sandy and Beth ensure the TC has a reputation for service and graciousness.

Actually, Juli did have fun, but Rachel is looking for James. Guess we'll have to ask Waldo, "Where's James?"
Oops you can't take her anywhere without Ken!

I forget if this was at the beginning before everyone arrived or after the party, but thanks and Merry Christmas.